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Sunday, January 9, 2011

FB will be Closed???! Nahhhhh Fake~

Got rumors around telling that FB will be closed on this coming March. People are really getting scared about this big-life-shaking news!! I think it is not logical for the Founder Mark Zuckerberg to shut FB down..... One big reason why people saying it'll be shut off is because the stress in managing FB?? What??! Big name with big excellent achievements not gonna quit because of this lame reason LMAO!

The company got so many talented staffs managing the social websites. Hahaha it's funny to think how this company gonna quit just like that...... You should go to this link and clear your mind instead Click Here (More Info).
Don't worry. I believe that FB will not be closed. Well, in the current time because FB is a phenomenon! Guys! FB is a phenomenon!!!

4 gosip panas!:

Syuk Ry said...

x der pn.. tp debook nk open dh..

Cik Rimau said...

hurmm.. mcm mustahil je.. xkan la die nak tutup kan.. untung berbilion.. rugi la tutup.. drbook katenye nak bukak 2.2.2011.. dah bukak ke? try td mcm xde ape2 pon.. huhu

Azura Ani Salaim said...

Mustahil bah geng, kalau dia cakap dia mo jual sama orang lain, percaya juga aku, ekekeke.

MaTNaggeR said...

yap! apa2 pun memang susah nak percaye FB akan tutup

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